In 1986, at the exhibition organized by Jan Hoet at the « Chambre d’Amis », Raphaël Buedts’ work (Gand, 1946-2009) was acknowledged for its singularity, its roughness and its poetic dimension. There, he showed a series of sculptures called « Mobilier pour un oiseau » (Furnitures for a bird). This was the accomplishment of what Raphael Buedts started in the very early 70’s that is to say the creation of strange furniture made with only wood, branches, strings and even silk and seashells. A book published with the participation of the poet and art critic Roland Jooris made the inventory of that series. This was the beginning of his sculpture and work on paper. Not very found of exhibitions, the S.M.A.K organised in 2009 only an important retrospective as long as published a monograph released by Cera.