Bernd Lohaus’s work (1940, Düsseldorf - Anvers 2010) has been based for many years on the combination of simple, massive and sculptural forms described with enigmatic and strong linguistic fragments. He’s been trained at the Düsseldorf Beaux-Arts academy from 1960 to 1967 where Joseph Beuys, a great figure within the European art scene today, taught him. Along the years Bernd Lohaus became a great and important figure abroad. The physical and mental work implied by the setting and the configuration of the heavy pieces of wood are and essential part of the artist’s process. The relationship between the artist and the material creates a physical strength. The human and literal « manipulation » of the sculpture’s elements is no longer possible. In fact the setting becomes a social fact leading to reflection, hesitation and dexterity. The fitting of extremely heavy beams above or next other beams is done in order to create an open and accessible sculpture in which one can enter. The artist’s artistic, philosophical and intuitive intentions reach the limits of the place of the exhibition. The sculpture then becomes a place in itself.