Charles Maussion was born in Nantes in 1923, came in Paris in 1946 and began mathematics and art history studies at the Sorbonne and at the Art Institute of Archaeology. He moved to the 6th arrondissement in the old Gauguin studio where he worked until he died in 2010. His early work reveals his dedication to the rhythm, the number and the space. In 1956 he exhibits at Iris Clert and in 1958 at the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles in Paris with the Arnaud Gallery. We can already see his search for the abstract, sensitive, pure and obvious form echoing the space until creating the « metaphysical expansion » according to Claude-Hélène Sibert.

In 1959 he worked with architects for the decoration of the Addis Abeba Opera supervised by the architect Henri Chomette. In 1957 he prepared the Vago Building mosaics in Berlin and also collaborated with the architect Feyeton for the new building of the Industrial Metallurgic and Minnig Union of Paris. His cooperation with architects lasted until the beginning of the 70’s. From 1960 to 1965 his painting became more gestural, more colourful and close to the Lyrical Abstraction movement, which he abandoned quickly. After that, he exhibited at the Dubourg Gallery from 1968. He took after that some time away for several years and travelled. He began to do portraits, black and white landscapes, worked with acrylic and pencil until his successive series (the Man walking, the Seagull, the Tree).

The artist started to exhibit at the Krugier Gallery and then showed his work at the Bernard Bouche Gallery in 1995. He worked from 1994 to 2006 mainly on three series: the Flower, the Bird, and the Mountain.