Michel Boulanger considers painting as a constant questioning. His endless curiosity is expressed through his intense gaze at the model. Nude isn’t only about sensuality. He seeks the essence of the body. The drawing is uncompromising and violent. It can be done rapidly though the artist’s awakening can be very long. It’s only through an extrem responsiveness and without any form of premeditation that he can, at a precise moment, let the brush do its work as if it was running on the sheet of paper. He listens to it, he listens to the brush and to the ink which « coagulate lovingly » he says.

Michel Boulanger likes to confront two or three drawings at a time. He puts together the work of different periods of history which may be indepent at first only to reveal themselves to one another. The artist brings together several drawings into a file which, to his mind, become « real » after a long period of time. He chooses some drawings and try to confront them. He medidates longly about those attempts and, in a moment of clarity, he finally sees what he has assembled. It is part of his process as much as the making of the drawing itself.