Michele Zaza was born in Molfetta in 1958. He was a strong and singular figure of the European artistic scene in the 70’s. As an artist, he brings a metaphysical dimension to body art. His favourite mediums are photography and installation. Since about 12 years he has focused on the human face. His aim is to question the archetype and the individual, to put forward the notion of identity and truth. His quest is philosophical, visual and aesthetics. He shows that « only art can replace appearances with interiority ». Michele Zaza’s work is exhibited in several public collections. He participated in international exhibitions such as the Biennale de Venise (1980, la Documenta de Kassel (1977, 1982) and personal exhibitions with the Musée D'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (1981), the Museo Laboratorio Roma in 1999, the Spazio per l'arte contemporanea Roma in 2003, the MAMCO à Geneva in 2003 and in the Centro Luigi Pecci in Prato in 2011.