In his earlier, more geometrically constructed works, each colour, seen alone or in duo, is characterized by its curiosity, by its brightness, by its capacity to awaken senses and to provoke emotions. Eminently retinal, his painting, without belonging to any particular movement, shows close affinity with Minimalism and American Color-Field, while broadening its field of expansion and expression. His works are endowed with a sense of great freshness, freedom and vitality.  His most recent works present a veil of natural elegance where the touch becomes dynamic and loose leaving some part of canvas untouched thus creating something new and emotional.

As the artist once said: « Paint is not just colour, it’s light and air that I’m trying to portray on the canvas, dark and light...I’m trying to paint the atmosphere, trying to paint light itself. My works are primarily sensualist in the sense of colour, light, tone ».  Peter Joseph (*1929, London) lives and works in Stroud, United Kingdom.

His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions worldwide, including shows at the Tate Gallery and Arts Council of Great Britain, in London; in Kunsthaus, Zurich; at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam; at the Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis; at the Fogg Art Museum in Philadelphia and at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. Among his more important personal works are the ones presented at the Hayward Gallery in London, at the MoCA in Chicago and at the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford.