John Murphy  All that fall, 2014. Cibachrome. Unique. 167 x 226,5 x 7,5 cm

John Murphy  All that fall, 2014. Cibachrome. Unique. 167 x 226,5 x 7,5 cm
The Bernard Bouche Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition of John Murphy. The opening will be on September 6th, and the artist will be in Paris for this special event.

Faithful to his habits, John Murphy plays with the theme of similarity and difference with reproductions, old movies captions and postcards. His work often conveys the nostalgia, absence and sexuality with a subtle and exquisite gift for exactitude.As mentioned by Colette Dubois in the « H Art » review: « to those elements the artist sometimes associate a small text. Those few words are part of the work of art and become its title. They produce a dialectic game in which the association, the interval and the ellipsis - three different operations usually used in cinematography and especially tied to editing - have an essential part. What’s happening between the in-between of image and words, the space and timeless zone where the meaning is finally revealed is what the artist is specifically interested in. The interval, as noticed by the great cinematographers Dziga Vertov, Jean-Luc Godard or the philosopher Gilles Deleuze to name a few, is the essence of the present symbolised by the one who looks as much as by the one who creates. As a consequence, it all comes down to a variable present; something which exists through the gaze. Time is anachronic and always renewed. It becomes a formal material just like the image, the paper or the canvas. Those intervals between words and images are there in every room and multiply through the link between the different works exhibited. It’s typical of Murphy’s work. Indeed, the artist sees every thing as a new layout. The work, then, becomes for each of them the new piece of a new constellation. What matters is the relationship between the image and the title, the image to other images or to titles in a space, which becomes a piece of art itself. 

John Murphy, born in 1945, lives and works in London. His work is exhibited in numerous museums and international collections. His last personal exhibition of importance took place at the Trondheim Art Museum in Norway in 2013. A monograph is in preparation at Ridinghouse in London.