The Galerie Bernard Bouche is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent works of José Pedro Croft starting from September 16.

In the sculptures of the Portuguese artist, he produces a precarious sense of balance between the stable and the unstable, which, according to the artist, "reflects the impermanent middle of the universe".
Through the simple materials such as plaster, wood, glass or steel, Croft has an interest in the perception of sculpture and managing with the effects of light, shadow and reflections in order to create new volumes and an distorted sense of space. Thus, through its opposition, a dialectical tension between full and empty appears.

José Pedro Croft, born in 1957, is well represented in significant collections in Brazil, Portugal and Spain. In 2017, on the occasion of the Biennale de Venise, José Pedro Croft has represented le Portugal à la Villa Henriot (Giudecca) with an exhibition titled "Medida Incerta".