John Murphy The Movement of Thought  2008-2015. c-print. 179 x 152 x 7,5 cm

John Murphy The Movement of Thought  2008-2015. c-print. 179 x 152 x 7,5 cm
The gallery is pleased to invite you from Saturday March 27, for the exhibition Jorge Molder - John Murphy.
What connection can Jorge Molder (born in Lisbon in 1947) and John Murphy (born in London in 1945) have to each other in this exhibition, apart from the medium of photography? This is what they are seeking. Although the process has nothing to do with either of them - Molder has been exploring a strange and singular photographic search for the past few decades through self-representation or sometimes mixed with film situations - Murphy uses the image, sometimes cinematographic, but only for conceptual purposes. What they seek is not a photograph but a tension, a research on being and its ambiguities, on time.
As Muriel Denet explains in her review of the Jorge Molder exhibition at the Musée du Jeu de Paume in 2008:
 "Jorge Molder is beyond self-representation or narcissistic introspection. He uses his body, his face, and photographic and video images as materials for reflection. Without it being his representation, but rather an embodiment. The image is the body of a thought that does not have one, but also its place and its tool: a thought occupied by anxiety, the fear of darkness, of failure, irremediable like death, so many metaphors of the creative process. But nothing despairing, however, a deviation, of the order of pantomime, discreetly defuses any tragic effect. »
On the first floor of the gallery will be presented two series by Jorge Molder, entitled Curta metragem, 1999-2000, each comprising a suite of 10 Polaroids. Curta metragem is, of course, conceived as a film sequence, a sort of location, rhythm, mirror of the action of the protagonist, the artist himself.
John Murphy plays on the theme of similarity and difference - with existing materials such as reproductions, photos from old films, postcards. His works evoke nostalgia, absence, sexuality, with an exquisite refinement of precision. If his recent work consists of borrowings used in the manner of ready-mades (postcards, placards, objects) or transformed (reframed, modified in the format - the support or the medium), he sometimes associates a fragment of text; these few words, often part of the work, become its title. They thus produce a dialectical game in which association, interval and ellipse - three operations typically cinematographic and more particularly related to editing - play a primordial role. What happens in the in-between of the image and the words - that spatial and temporal zone where meaning is created, "that existential anxiety", is precisely what interests the artist.

We will present two works never exhibited by John Murphy The Movement of Thought de 2008-2015 et Figure I et Figure II Una malatia dei sentimenti - What can a body do? diptych of 2014.