Susana Solano participated in numerous international art events such as the Documenta VIII and IX (1987 et 1992), the Biennale in Sao Paulo (1987), the Sculpture projekte in Münster (1987), the Biennale in Venise (1988 et 1993) and many others. To her, what matters the most is the meditation of a form in the space; the sculptor’s eternal concern. She likes to work with stainless steel more than with any other material. One can be surprised of how she’s able to create such massive work of art with such little means. Many different aspects of her work have been exhibited in important and recent exhibitions at the MACBA in Barcelona in 1999, at the Museo de Arte Moderna in Sintra and in Granada in 2001 and finally at the FONDACION ICO in Madrid in 2007 and 2008 where the artist showed her projects related to architecture.

Susana Solano doesn’t involve herself in the things around her. Instead, she observes and captures the breath of those things through her experiences and injects life into her work. It materialises into objects where the meditation and the feeling prevail. The artist even began to consider the sculpture as a journey in time. She explains: « Art hides the true meaning of time. The time, which leads to silence, to memory lapse and to loss… Art belongs to the canvas, which holds the temporal, to the lights, which brightens it, and to the gazes willing to be drag along with it. The experiences of life are numerous. Only a few manage to enter the core of the existence as an arrow into a target. It reaches consequently some neurological parts of our brain, which constitute the container for our actions and thoughts; that specific and intimate place where lays our emotions. Those profound experiences (ours) are completely transformed deliberately or unconsciously into a universe controlled by memory and image. The memory’s image is stocked outside of time, freely drifting, appearing or disappearing willingly.

Lo visible II 2009-2010. Stainless steel. 186 x 85 x 79 cm
Espuma II. 2010. Stainless steel. 10,5 x 92 x 52cm.
Exhibition view, ground floor.
Exhibition view, first floor.
Exhibition view, first floor.
Susana Solano Elmina 2001. Steel + Kilim. 280 x 80 cm
Lo visible II  2009-2010. Acier inoxydable. 186 x 85 x 79 cm
 Espuma II. 2010. Acier inoxydable. 10,5 x 92 x 52cm.
Vue de l'exposition, rez-de-chaussée.
Vue de l'exposition, à l'étage.
Vue de l'exposition, à l'étage.
Susana Solano Elmina 2001. Acier + Kilim. 280 x 80 cm
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