Charles Maussion (1923 - 2010) arrived in Paris in 1946 and studied Mathematics and Art History at the Sorbonne and the Institut d'Art et d'Archéologie. He settled in the 6th Arrondissement, in what was once Gauguin's studio, where he still works today. His early work reveals the importance to him of rhythm, number and space.

Maussion exhibited for the first time in 1958, at the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles in Paris, through the Arnaud gallery, alongside Damian, Ionesco, Enard and Bidoilleau. His search for an abstract form, sensitive, pure, decanted, in resonance with space, is already manifested in «prolongements métaphysiques» (Claude-Hélène Sibert). From 1959, he worked in cooperation with architects, notably for the decoration of the Addis Ababa Opera House, under the direction of architect Henri Chomette. In 1957, he realized the mosaics of the Vago Building in Berlin and collaborated with the architect Feyeton for the project of the new building of the Union of Metallurgical and Mining Industries of Paris.
This collaboration with the architects continued until the early 1970s.

Parallèlement, Maussion poursuit son activité de peintre, et en 1956, il expose chez Iris Clert. De 1960 à 1965, sa peinture devient plus gestuelle, colorée, proche de l’Abstraction Lyrique, qu’il abandonnera assez vite. Puis, il expose à la galerie Dubourg. Son travail traversera plusieurs périodes avant d’arriver à une épure recherchée à travers trois thèmes : la Fleur, l’Oiseau et la Montagne.


Charles Maussion Nude, 1991. Egg tempera on paper on wood. 22 x 14 cm
Charles Maussion Oiseau, 2005. Egg tempera on paper on canvas. 94,5 x 97 cm
Charles Maussion, Sans titre - Montagne. 2004. Tempera on canvas. 73 x 200 cm
Charles Maussion  Nu, 1991. Peinture à l'oeuf sur papier marouflé sur bois. 22 x 14 cm
Charles Maussion Oiseau, 2005. Peinture à l’œuf sur papier sur toile. 94,5 x 97 cm
Charles Maussion, Sans titre - Montagne. Peinture à l'oeuf sur toile. 2004. 73 x 200 cm
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