José Pedro (born in Porto in 1957) Croft has a habit of diverting everyday objects from their original functions. He blends the visual, plastic and poetic dimensions of the objects created, producing a sense of precarious balance between the stable and the unstable that, according to the artist, "reflects the transitory environment of the universe". His sculptures create a complex dialogue with the environment through simple, almost minimalist structures that combine both the materiality of the object and its formal aspects. Croft sometimes uses bright colours that are applied in such a way as to suggest a perception of the sculpture as a relief painting, or he uses mirrors or glass to play with the effects of light, shadow and reflection to create new volumes and an altered sense of space. In this way, through his oppositions, a dialectical tension between full and empty emerges.

José Pedro Croft, born in 1957, has exhibited extensively across Portugal, Spain and South America including solo exhibitions at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Serralves Foundation, the Berardo Collection, the National Museum Centre of Art Reina Sofia, the Pinacotheca of the State of São Paulo, and at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

José Pedro Croft Duas Esculturas (Bancos) 2015. Chairs + glass. Ht: 190 cm
José Pedro Sans titre 2015 18th century door. Glass. 275 x 92 x 101 cm
José Pedro Croft Duas Esculturas (Bancos) 2015. Chaises + verre. Ht: 190 cm
José Pedro Croft Sans titre 2015 Porte XVIIIème. Verre. 275 x 92 x 101 cm
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